We are neither optimists nor pessimists. We are realists.

Attractive rates of interest on cash deposits? Handsome returns on government bonds, equities, options and other betting slips? That was a thing of the past. Paper securities today are often only worth the paper they are printed on. Tangible, physical assets are what count in crisis times such as today’s.

We show the way out of the investment jungle – and together with you we develop a tailored strategy to protect your assets in stormy times.

Earn money while you sleep? This dream of all coupon clippers has definitely had its day. The top priority now must be to preserve your capital, protect your old age savings and safeguard your company.

We help you protect your portfolio’s best as possible from the unpredictable risks of still-unregulated financial markets.

We only play with unmarked cards

Unlike many investment advisers, we do not boast about yesterday’s “performance” – because that’s all it is, yesterday’s performance. We also don’t indulge in tactical calculations, because if you’re only thinking about tomorrow, you’re practically always running to catch up with developments. We plan strategically and act countercyclically. In other words, we are already thinking about the day after tomorrow, which makes us always one step ahead of “the markets”.

You will not receive any “investment tips” from us. Instead, together with you we develop customised solutions for your finances. We don’t provide you with any readymade answers, but instead respond to your questions, however unconventional they might be. And we take your quite personal concerns in relation to financial security really seriously.

We don’t sell you any grubby “financial products”, but instead sustainable ideas and comprehensive strategies. We don’t generate fat commissions from banks, insurance companies or other financial service providers from the business we do with you. With us, you pay exclusively for our specialist expertise, and the detailed and reasoned advice we provide.

We do not rely on remote-controlled “analysts” and indiscriminately applied “background information”, but instead on our global network of top independent experts. On experts whose names we can provide you with at any time without embarrassment.

We think outside the box

Many people today see themselves as “thinking outside the box”. But just seeing things differently to the majority doesn’t make you right of its own accord. We have nevertheless proved to be right on many occasions with our critical forecasts critical forecasts over the past years. We believe this is due to the fact that we do not belong to one of the prevailing economic world religions. To the fact that we reject any thinking in terms of ideologies and pre-manufactured concepts. To the fact that we always remain curious and are always ready to learn.

In other words, we like to observe from the periphery of the economy – a vantage point offering the best view, including the best view of the many cooks spoiling the broth.

Interview with Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich.