Short-term business is absolutely not our thing. We aim to run marathons with you, not a short sprint. If you’re aiming to make a quick buck, we’re not the right people for you. We’re concerned with wealth and capital protection. Or your company’s long-term future.

We’re not an asset management company. For this reason, too, we do not expect to have direct access to your finances. Your money is your money. In this context, we “only” advise you on how to protect your money as best as possible from greedy third-parties. We work completely independently of banks and insurance companies. For this reason, we are obligated to no one – except you.

With us, there’s no need for you to hand in your financial and business expertise at the cloakroom. We become better with every critical enquiry, every concern and every objection you raise. In brief – we assist and accompany you in thinking about your finances, but we don’t take them out of your hands completely. Especially where business and financial decisions are concerned, “head” and “gut reactions” should be in harmony. Equally, clients and advisers should take the opportunity of a non-binding get-to-know-you meeting to see whether they’re on the same wavelength. Otherwise, a partnership cannot serve its intended purpose.

Our clients

Private clients

You have justified concerns about your savings. Your existing investments might no longer be structured on a balanced basis. Your assets are allocated on a disadvantageous international basis. You have inherited assets. Or you wish to make provisions for an inheritance – perhaps within complex family constellations.

Family business owners

Most of your assets are invested in your company. You’d like to secure these corporate assets long-term. You’d like to make optimal provisions for your family. You’d like to set up the best possible succession arrangements. You’re considering selling your company, but would also like its existence to be secured long-term in the interests of employees and customers. Or you’re planning some good acquisitions.

Sportspeople and artists

You’re earning a lot of money at the moment. But no one knows how long the success and the related high income will last. You lack the time to be actively involved with your assets due to your many obligations. Long-term financial security is nevertheless of primary concern for you. Because even after your active career ends you’d like to maintain your standard of living.

Foundations and non-profit organisations

Founders and foundation managers face great challenges today. They’re not only tied to diverse and often highly complex investment guidelines, but also need to preserve foundation capital long-term. And they have to generate optimal returns and make regular distributions to fulfil the foundation’s purpose.